Here are some recommendations on writing Abstracts (for dissertations): We at Dopessays pride ourselves in writing excellent Abstract Papers.

The following are the steps needed to write a good dissertation abstract:

  1. Read back over your dissertation again, with the purpose of abstracting relevant information. Look in particular for key parts e.g. the scope, purpose/aims, methods used, the finding/results, recommendations, and conclusions.
  2. Look at headings, subheadings, outline heading, and table or list of contents and use these to guide your writing.
    If the abstract you are writing is based on a dissertation written by another person, the introductory section and any summaries are a good place to start. These parts usually cover the main emphasis of the dissertation.
  3. Once your re-reading is finished, start writing a rough outline or draft but without reference to the material you have abstracted. You should not just copy important parts or you are likely to end up with an insufficient or excessive amount of information.
  1. Do not put too much emphasis on how the material is phrased in your dissertation; information should be summarized in a way that is different.This rough outline or draft will now need to be revised with a view to correcting any organizational issues, removing unnecessary or irrelevant information, and improving the transitions from one point to the next.
  2. Make sure you correct any spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. You may find it useful to print off a copy of your final paper with the aim of reading it once again to capture any remaining glitches.


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